Redaction Software

Objective Redact (previously RapidRedact) for Compliance and Sharing

Increasingly, government and commercial organisations have a need to share information, while at the same time maintaining data privacy. Objective Redact redaction software is a valuable tool in quickly removing sensitive and personal information, keeping your information private and confidential. You can use Objective Redact for ad hoc redactions, or automatically redact batches of documents. In addition to being far more efficient than manual redaction, you are able to audit and track which redactions have been made to documents, and automatically stamp the documents with the appropriate FOI exemption codes. Objective Redact is used in Local Government Legal and Family services, Central Government compliance, Healthcare Trusts and Corporate Legal.



Objective Redact works with all electronic document types, including scanned documents, emails, PDFs, TIFFs, and Microsoft® Office Documents. A document that has been redacted with Objective Redact will look the same as the original, but redacted information will be completely removed. In addition to the redacted copy, you can also create a translucent version for audit purposes.

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